Find all files and unzip specific file to local folder


find -name archive.zip -exec unzip {} file.txt \;

This command finds all files named archive.zip and unzips file.txt to the folder that I execute the command from, is there a way to unzip the file to the same folder where the .zip file was found? I would like file.txt to be unzipped to folder1.

folder1\archive.zip folder2\archive.zip

I realize $dirname is available in a script but I'm looking for a one line command if possible.


@iheartcpp - I successfully ran three alternatives using the same base command...

find . -iname "*.zip"

... which is used to provide the list of / to be passed as an argument to the next command.

<strong>Alternative 1: find with -exec + Shell Script (unzips.sh)</strong>

File unzips.sh:

#!/bin/sh # This will unzip the zip files in the same directory as the zip are for f in "$@" ; do unzip -o -d `dirname $f` $f done

Use this alternative like this:

find . -iname '*.zip' -exec ./unzips.sh {} \;

<strong>Alternative 2: find with | xargs _ Shell Script (unzips)</strong>

Same unzips.sh file.

Use this alternative like this:

find . -iname '*.zip' | xargs ./unzips.sh

<strong>Alternative 3: all commands in the same line (no .sh files)</strong>

Use this alternative like this:

find . -iname '*.zip' | xargs sh -c 'for f in $@; do unzip -o -d `dirname $f` $f; done;' <hr />

Of course, there are other alternatives but hope that the above ones can help.


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