Creating an inputbox with radiobuttons c#


I'm currently making a simple C# game for a college assignment, wondering if it's possible to have radio or checkbox (or something similar) inputs upon loading, in an external window. I'm currently using this to get a username:

public Form1() { InitializeComponent(); Initialize(); GlobalVar.Username = Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction.InputBox("Welcome to EasiGame, Please enter your username.", "Welcome", "Player1", -1, -1); label4.Text = GlobalVar.Username; }

This references VB, and that works great, however could I include radio buttons or something in this box, or a separate box, to grab user input for a difficulty setting. Thanks in advance!


You would have implement your own form. Assuming you're using a recent version of Visual Studio:

<ol><li>Click Project > Add Windows Form.</li> <li>Set the FormBorderStyle property of the Form control to FixedDialog to prevent the user from resizing the form.</li> <li>Set the MinimizeBox and MaximizeBox properties to false.</li> <li>Set the StartPosition property to CenterScreen or CenterParent.</li> <li>Add a button to the form with the text OK and set the DialogResult property to OK.</li> <li>Add a button to the form with the text Cancel and set the DialogResult property to Cancel.</li> <li>Change the AcceptButton property of the form to reference the OK button.</li> <li>Change the CancelButton property of the form to reference the Cancel button.</li> <li>Add a TextBox and a RadioButton or CheckBox control to the form.</li> <li>Press the F7 key to open the code view for the form.</li> <li>Implement a property of type string that returns the Text property of the TextBox control.</li> <li>You'll also need to come up with a way of getting the difficulty from the form; I'll let you figure this part out for yourself :)</li> <li>To show the form, create an instance and call the ShowDialog() method. This will block the calling method until the user has clicked a button. The ShowDialog method will return a DialogResult, which can be used to determine which button was clicked.</li> </ol>


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