How can I check authentication in ajax url?


Consider the following ajax call:

function drawCharts() { var jsonData1 = $.ajax({ url: "http://localhost:****/*/*", dataType:"json", async: false }).responseText;

My index.html

<div id="chart_div" title='Speedo Information'></div>

I am making an api that converts json data to tabular form using Google Visualization Api.

While accessing the url alone the url asks for a user name and password. I have the credentials.

<strong>NOTE:</strong> The username and password is used to protect the data in the url from unauthorized access.

I need to ask for a user name while opening the index.html page and then display the table.


jQuery has an Ajax interface pretty well described here:

<a href="http://api.jquery.com/jQuery.ajax/" rel="nofollow">http://api.jquery.com/jQuery.ajax/</a>

There basic example looks like this with your URL in there. It shows how to override the MIME type and how to get a function called once the request returns data from the server. The API also offers an error function and many other features to transform the request in various ways.

$.ajax({ url: "http://localhost:*/*/*", beforeSend: function( xhr ) { xhr.overrideMimeType( "text/plain; charset=x-user-defined" ); } }) .done(function( data ) { if ( console && console.log ) { console.log( "Sample of data:", data.slice( 0, 100 ) ); } });

If you want to send the login and password or any other data to the server, you may also use the data: ... field. That can hold data as in a POST from a form.


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