how to recursively list files from a folder?


'ls dir1/*<em>/</em>.ext' just lists all the files with just one level of nesting. What is the command to recursively list all the files with any level of nesting in linux?


ls -R dir1


find dir1 -name "*.ext"


The find command is one way to do this:

find dir1 -name .ext

The -name operator <em>can</em> take a wildcard to match with, but it's important to quote the wildcard expression so that it won't be expanded by your shell before calling into find:

find dir1 -name "*.ext"

The find command has many operators that can do various different tests on the files in the directory, of which -name is just one example. Consult <a href="http://linux.die.net/man/1/find" rel="nofollow">the find manual page</a> for more information.


To list folder recursively:

ls -R


You could use find:

find .

That command would list everything under the current folder


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