TIntObjectHashMap - get Key for given value


How to get the key from Trove TIntObjectHashMap for a value that exists and been found in the map ??

if(map.containsValue(source)) { for (Entry<Integer, String> entry : map.entrySet()) { // entrySet() is not recognized by Trove? and i can not find any corresponding method ?? if (entry.getValue().equals(source)) { entry.getKey(); } } }


I would do something like this:

TIntObjectMap<String> map = new TIntObjectHashMap<>(); map.put( 1, "a" ); map.put( 2, "b" ); AtomicInteger found = new AtomicInteger( -1 ); map.forEachEntry( new TIntObjectProcedure<String>() { @Override public boolean execute( int key, String value ) { if ( value.equals( "a" ) ) { found.set( key ); return false; } return true; } } ); System.out.println( "Found: " + found.get() );

Things to remember:

<ol><li>Obviously there could be multiple keys with the same value.</li> <li>The forEach* methods are the most efficient way to traverse Trove collections.</li> <li>You can reuse the procedures, if object allocations are a performance issue for you.</li> <li>If "-1" (or whatever else) is a valid key for the map, you could use another AtomicBoolean to indicate whether or not you found the value.</li> </ol>


You can try in this way

TIntObjectHashMap<String> map = new TIntObjectHashMap<>(); map.put(1, "a"); map.put(2, "b"); //convert TIntObjectHashMap to java.util.Map<Integer,String> Map<Integer, String> utilMap = new HashMap<>(); for (int i : map.keys()) { utilMap.put(i, map.get(i)); } Integer key=null; if (map.containsValue("a")) { for (Map.Entry<Integer, String> entry : utilMap.entrySet()) { // issue solved if (entry.getValue().equals("a")) { key=entry.getKey(); } } } System.out.println(key);

Out put:



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