Convert PHP regex to c#


I have this regex:


And I am trying to use it using c#:


But this outputs every thing from <DIV onward I want it to just show inside the ""

<strong>Like the actual regex does</strong>


Since you are using capture groups (groups between a pair of parentheses ()), you will have to use Groups[#] to get the different parts of the capture group. Groups[1] will have the value of the first capture group.

If you are using:


You will get the ones between " by using Groups[1].Value and the whole match in Groups[0].Value.



Here you have 3 capture groups because there are 3 pairs of parentheses. After a match, and if you use:

Console.WriteLine(match.Groups[0].Value); Console.WriteLine(match.Groups[1].Value); Console.WriteLine(match.Groups[2].Value); Console.WriteLine(match.Groups[3].Value);

You get:

abcdef bcdef cd ef

If that's a little confusing, maybe this breakdown can help:

a(b(cd)(ef)) 1 2 3 ^--|^--| ^---------|

The numbers and ^ indicate the beginning of the capture groups.


<pre class="lang-cs prettyprint-override">string str = "<DIV src=\"http://www.foo.com\"></DIV>"; Regex re = new Regex(@"<DIV(?:(?!<\/DIV>).)*?\""(http:\/\/www\.foo\.com(?:\\.|[^\""\\])*)\"""); // or Regex re = new Regex(@"<DIV(?:(?!</DIV>).)*?""(http://www\.foo\.com(?:\\.|[^""\\])*)"""); Match match = re.Match(str); Console.Write(match.Groups[1]); // Returns "http://www.foo.com"


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