How to set date picker initial value?


I have a date_picker from toedter.com from jcalendar package which are swing components. How can I set an initial value to it? I'm using netbeans.

I added the date_picker on design view and tried this on my source code :

UtilDateModel model = new UtilDateModel(); model.setDate(2014, 8, 24); model.setSelected(true);

but I've been playing around where to put it still doesn't seem to work.

Any idea guys?


You can try this out :

String dateValue = "initial date value"; // must be in (yyyy- mm- dd ) format Date date = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-mm-dd").parse(dateValue); jDateChooser.setDate(date);


This should solve it:

UtilDateModel model = new UtilDateModel(); model.setDate( 2014, 8, 24 ); startDatePicker = new JDatePickerImpl( new JDatePanelImpl( model ), new DateLabelFormatter() );


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