ngShow on $parent variable?


I've got something running in the $rootScope to set an application-wide value for userLoggedIn:

mod.run(function($rootScope) { $rootScope.userLoggedIn = false; $rootScope.$on('loggedIn', function(event, args) { $rootScope.userLoggedIn = true; }); });

and when the user is logged in I leverage $emit to raise that event:

mod.controller('FacebookController', function($scope) { $scope.loggedIn = function() { $scope.$emit('loggedIn'); }; });

and this is working.

Next I've configured an attribute directive to bring the $rootScope into view:

mod.directive('rootScope', function() { return { scope: { userLoggedIn: '@' }, restrict: 'A' }; })

However, when I use it on the elements to show/hide based off its value it doesn't work:

<div class="row" root-scope> <div class="panel callout radius" ng-show="!userLoggedIn">


<form name="listForm" root-scope novalidate ng-submit="listForm.$valid && model.save()" ng-show="userLoggedIn">

Why doesn't that value come into scope? When I look at the angular scope in Chrome the variable isn't in scope. It is on the $parent though as expected.


So, if I use $root.userLoggedIn it does reference the property as expected, however, the view still doesn't respond when the value is changed. For example, if I reload the page it's false initially, but after Facebook is done logging in it's set to true; the view doesn't respond.


The answer was unbelievably simple, and leveraged a comment too. I did in fact just need the view to use $root.userLoggedIn, but I also needed to leverage the $apply:

mod.run(function($rootScope) { $rootScope.userLoggedIn = false; $rootScope.$on('loggedIn', function(event, args) { $rootScope.$apply(function() { $rootScope.userLoggedIn = true; }); }); });


scope: { userLoggedIn: '@' }

Your directive expects the HTML attribute userLoggedIn, but there is none in your HTML. Also keep in mind that @ always resolves to a String.

The second and more important point is that only your root-scope directive operates in the isolate scope, but not ng-show. In other words: Using root-scope has no effect whatsoever. Based only on the code you presented, your example works as expected.


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