Dimensions of matrices being concatenated are not consistent in 1x6802 double and 6802x1 double data


I want to export m file signal to matfile in simulink. Here I am having a problem. My code is

Y; X; T; K=zeros(1,6802); for n=1:10:6800; angle=atan((Y(n+10)-Y(n))/(X(n+10)-X(n))); K(n)=angle; end yt=[T;K], plot(T,K)

The error message is <strong>Error using vertcat Dimensions of matrices being concatenated are not consistent. Error in work1 (line 20415) yt=[T;K],</strong>

Here K=1x6802 double and T=6802x1 double. I have gone through similar problems and solution but exactly not found my answer. It would be very helpful if someone helps me in solving the issue. Thanks in advance.


Given the dimensions of K and T, you will have to transpose (the ' operator) one in order to combine into a new matrix:

yt=[T';K]; % dimensions will be 2x6802


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