how i can read images from multiple folder in matlab?


My question I have folder of image organized as

Database -> CASIA Iris Image Database (version 1.0) -> folder001(this folder change to 001to 108) -> previouse folder contains two folder each of them contains 3 images

the structure of folder as

<a href="http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/337/picture1ki.png/" rel="nofollow">http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/337/picture1ki.png/</a>

how i can read CASIA V1.0 1 IN MATLAB?


Below is a generic code for any number of images in a folder. You can simplify it if you are sure to have 3 images per folder and you know the filename format for each.

%# Set the relative path for the database basePath = 'Database/CASIA Iris Image Database (version 1.0)/'; for iFolder = 1:108 %# Set current folder folder = sprintf('%s%03d/', basePath, iFolder); %# Find the image (e.g. bmp) files in the folder. Modify bmp for your needs. %# and also modify 'left' string according to the subfolder of left images filenames = arrayfun(@(x) x.name, dir([folder 'left/*.bmp']),'UniformOutput',false); for iFile = 1:length(filenames) img = imread([folder filenames{iFile}]); %# and process the image %# ... end %# Modify the code for to run it for right folder %# ... end


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