Aurelia validating nested objects


I'm trying to validate an object property of an Aurelia ViewModel.


@autoinject class AddUserForm { user: User; controller: ValidationController; constructor(controllerFactory: ValidationControllerFactory) { this.controller = controllerFactory.createForCurrentScope(); } validate() { this.controller.validate.then(res => { console.log(res.valid); }) } } ValidationRules .ensure((u: User) => u.id).displayName('User').required() .on(AddUserForm)

ViewModel -> View

<template> <form click.trigger="validate()"> <input type="text" value.bind="user.id & validate" /> </form> </template>


class User { id: string }

The issue I'm having is that the validator is not picking up the nested user object. I'm I missing something to get this working? I read the <a href="http://aurelia.io/hub.html#/doc/article/aurelia/validation/latest/validation-basics/6" rel="nofollow">docs</a> and it seems like this should work. I'm using version ^1.0.0 of the plugin.


The problem is in your ValidationRules:

ValidationRules .ensure((u: User) => u.id).displayName('User').required() .on(AddUserForm)

needs to be

ValidationRules .ensure((u: User) => u.id).displayName('User').required() .on(User)

Then to get the controller to run this rule you either need to include "& validate" somewhere in your value.bind <em>for that property</em>, like this:

<input value.bind="user.id & validate" />

or before you call controller.validate(), add the entire object to the controller like this:


I use .addObject <em>all the time</em> because it causes validation to run on properties that aren't included in your markup, and I find I prefer that.


This caused an error when I tried it:

validate() { this.controller.validate(res => { console.log(res.valid); }) }

.validate() expects a ValidateInstruction, in your example you're giving (res: any) => void. I would try changing to this instead:

this.controller.validate().then(res => { console.log(res.valid); });

Leaving .validate() undefined will cause it to validate all objects and bindings, and .then() will execute after that validation has completed. This worked for me when I tried it in my test project.

If I misunderstood your question and this alone does not solve it however, you could also try assigning the User objects id to a property in AddUserForm like this:

public userId = this.user.id;

And changing your ValidationRules and view accordingly:


ValidationRules .ensure((u: AddUserForm) => u.userId) .displayName("User") .required() .on(this);


<template> <form click.delegate="validate()"> <input type="text" value.bind="userId & validate" /> </form> </template>


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