jquery autocomplete with dialog updating value


I have a form that opens up in a dialog. One of the fields has autocomplete. All fields are built and server values are stored in them to pre-fill the form.

var mydiv = jQuery("#editform"); var $myform = jQuery("<form id='EditForm' method='post' action='index.php?option=com_component&task=edit'></form>"); ... var $mylabel10 = jQuery("<label for='EditSelect'>A label</label>"); var $myinput9 = jQuery("<input id='EditSelect' name='EditSelect' type='text' />"); var $mylabel9 = jQuery("<label for='EditSelect2'>Another label</label>"); var $myinput8 = jQuery("<input id='EditSelect2' name='add_path' value='" +path + "' />"); //path is a value passed in from the server $myform.append(... $mylabel10, $myinput9, $mylabel9, $myinput8); mydiv.append($myform); //autocomplete code - order is important to have autocomplete go outside dialog var available = [ { label : 'foo', value : 'bar' }, { label : 'xyz', value : 'abc' }, ... ]; jQuery( "#EditSelect", mydiv ).autocomplete({ source: available, focus : function(){ return false; } }) .on( 'autocompleteselect', function( e, ui ){ var t = jQuery(this), details = jQuery('#EditSelect2'), label = ( e.type == 'autocompleteresponse' ? ui.content[0].label : ui.item.label ), value = ( e.type == 'autocompleteresponse' ? ui.content[0].value : ui.item.value ); t.val( label ); details.val( value ); //doesn't update the form here? return false; }); // get reference to autocomplete element var autoComplete = jQuery("#EditSelect", mydiv).autocomplete("widget"); var dialogOpts = { modal: true, autoOpen: true, resizable: false, width: 525, height: 'auto', title: 'Edit settings' }; mydiv.dialog(dialogOpts); autoComplete.insertAfter(mydiv.parent());

In this edit dialog is an autocomplete that when selected it should update the other input field (#EditSelect2). Currently #EditSelect2 has the value from the server (in the variable path).

When a new value is selected from the autocomplete I would expect the form updated because of this code: details.val( value );. Right now the autocomplete works fine but the value from the server (path) doesn't get updated after selecting a new choice in the autocomplete.

Hope this makes sense.


There is a small syntax error in your myinput8 statement:

$myinput8 = jQuery("<input id='EditSelect2' name='add_path' value='" +path + " />");

should be:

$myinput8 = jQuery("<input id='EditSelect2' name='add_path' value='" +path + "' />");

Note the extra single quote at the end.


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