Regular expression to match a number range in JavaScript


I'm having problem with JavaScript regular expressions. I want to match real numbers form 1 to 5. Precission is in two digits. My code is but it doesnt work.

function validate_prosjek(nmb) { var pattern= new RegExp(/[1-4]\.[0-9][0-9]|5\.00/); return pattern.test(nmb); }

It recognizes real numbers higher than 5.


You need to "anchor" your regexp with ^ and $ to match the beginning and end of the string, respectively:

var pattern = /^([1-4]\.[0-9][0-9]|5\.00)$/;

You also need to escape the . because it's a special character in regexps, and there's no need to call new RegExp if the regexp is already in /.../ synax.


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