Word : Deleting Lines in between a Table and a Heading using Python


I have a scenario in which there is a Heading/Constant Text like <strong>"Call Tree:"</strong> present all over the Word document and after that there are some lines, and once the line are over, there is a <strong>Table</strong>. So I want the lines between the table and the Heading/Constant Text <strong>"Call Tree:"</strong> to be deleted using python/win32 component.

For Example :

<strong>Input is :</strong>

... Call Tree : Line 1 ... Line 2 ... .... .... .... .... Line N .... Table # 1 .....

<strong>Output is</strong> (i.e. all the lines in between the table and "Call Tree" are deleted):

... Call Tree : Table # 1 .....

I'm not sure, if there is any way by which I can select multiple lines between a Constant Text i.e "Call Tree" and a Table. I know, that selection of a line and deletion can be done using this :

.. app = win32com.client.DispatchEx("Word.Application") app.Visible = 0 app.DisplayAlerts = 0 # select a Text app.Selection.Find.Execute("TEXT TO BE SELECTED") # extend it to end app.Selection.EndKey(Unit=win32com.client.constants.wdLine,Extend=win32com.client.constants.wdExtend) # check what has been selected app.Selection.Range() # and then delete it app.Selection.Delete() ..

But I'm not sure, how to select multiple lines like this, with this criteria.

Any idea/suggestion on this ?


You can iterate over the lines after you find the text using MoveRight and EndKey, then you can test if the selection is a table using the property Tables. Someting like

import win32com.client as com from win32com.client import constants as wcons app = com.Dispatch('Word.Application') # Find the text app.Selection.Find.Execute('Call Tree', False, False, False, False, False, True, wcons.wdFindContinue, False, False,False,) # Extend the selection to the end app.Selection.EndKey(Unit=wcons.wdLine) while True: # Move the selection to the next character app.Selection.MoveRight(Unit=wcons.wdCharacter, Count=1) # And Select the whole line app.Selection.EndKey(Unit=wcons.wdLine, Extend=wcons.wdExtend) # If I hit the table... if app.Selection.Tables.Count: print "Table found... Stop" # I leave the loop break # Otherwise delete the selection print "Deleting ...",app.Selection.Text app.Selection.Delete() # And delete the return app.Selection.TypeBackspace()

I would recommend trying to do what you want first in word using macros (Try recording the macros if you are not familiar with VBA) and then translate the code to Python.


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