Escaping command line arguments in C# for Urls and Local and Network Paths


How do I provide an input string with automatic escaping to a console application?

I mean inside my code, I can do

public static void main(string[] args) { string myURL; myFolder = @"C:\temp\january\"; //just for testing myFolder = args[0]; // I want to do this eventually }

How can I provide values to myFolder without me having to escape it manually via command line?

If possible, I want to avoid calling this app like this:

C:\test> myapplication.exe "C:\\temp\\january\\"

EDIT: instead I'd prefer calling the app like this if possible

C:\test> myapplication.exe @"C:\temp\january\"

Thank you.


This is actually for a console application that calls Sharepoint Web services. I tried

string SourceFileFullPath, SourceFileName, DestinationFolder, DestinationFullPath; //This part didn't work. Got Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException //SourceFileFullPath = args[0]; // C:\temp\xyz.pdf //SourceFileName = args[1]; // xyz.pdf //DestinationFolder = args[2]; // "http://myserver/ClientX/Performance" Reports //This worked. SourceFileFullPath = @"C:\temp\TestDoc2.txt"; SourceFileName = @"TestDoc2.txt"; DestinationFolder = @"http://myserver/ClientX/Performance Reports"; DestinationFullPath = string.Format("{0}/{1}", DestinationFolder, SourceFileName);


The requirement to escape \ inside a string if it is not a verbatim string (one that starts with @) is a C# feature. When you start your application from a console, you are outside of C#, and the console does not consider \ to be a special character, so C:\test> myapplication.exe "C:\temp\january" will work.

Edit: My original post had "C:\temp\january\" above; however, the Windows command line seems to also handle \ as an escape character - but only when in front of a ", so that command would pass C:\temp\january" to the application. Thanks to @zimdanen for pointing this out.

Please note that whatever you put between quotes in C# is a <em>representation</em> of a string; the actual string may be different - for instance, \\ <em>represents</em> a single \. If you use other means to get strings into the program, such as the command line arguments or by reading from a file, the strings do not need to follow C#'s rules for string literals. The command line has different rules for representation, in which a \ represents itself.


“The prefix “@” enables the use of keywords as identifiers, which is useful when interfacing with other programming languages. The character @ is not actually part of the identifier, so the identifier might be seen in other languages as a normal identifier, without the prefix. An identifier with an @ prefix is called a verbatim identifier. Use of the @ prefix for identifiers that are not keywords is permitted, but strongly discouraged as a matter of style.”

<ol><li>You can use one of the reserved words of c# with the @ symbol</li> </ol>


string @int = "senthil kumar"; string @class ="MCA";

2.Before a string specially when using the file paths

string filepath = @"D:\SENTHIL-DATA\myprofile.txt";

instead of

string filepath = "D:\\SENTHIL-DATA\\myprofile.txt"; <ol><li>

For a Multi lined text

string ThreeIdiots = @"Senthil Kumar, Norton Stanley, and Pavan Rao!";

MessageBox.Show(ThreeIdiots); </li> </ol>

instead of

string ThreeIdiots = @"Senthil Kumar,\n Norton Stanley,and Pavan Rao!";


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