Accessing a two dimensional array in Django template


I am building a betting app where users can bet on different games. I want to show users' bets for different games in a table such as one as below:

game # | user 1 | user 2 | user 3 game 1 | XXXX | XXXX | XXXX game 2 | XXXX | XXXX | XXXX game 3 | XXXX | XXXX | XXXX


here's my view

users = User.objects.all() games = Game.objects.all() bets = Bet.objects.all() user_bets = [[] for i in range(len(games))] for i, game in enumerate(games): game_bets = bets.filter(game=game) for usr in users: user_bet = game_bets.filter(user=usr)[0] user_bets[i].append(user_bet) data = {'games', games, 'users', users, 'user_bets': user_bets} return render(request, 'bets.html', data)

But I don't know how to fill in the table using the 2d array user_bets. Any suggestions? Or if I'm doing the whole thing wrong any best practice to pass such data to template in Django?



Passing Multi-dimensional arrays to templates in django is not straight forward. I've been working on this problem for a while, so I know your question is old, but for the betterment of django society, here's what I've finally worked out...

users = User.objects.all() games = Game.objects.all() bets = Bet.objects.all() user_bets=[] game_title=[] for i, game in enumerate(games): game_titles = [game.title] game_bets = bets.filter(game=game) for usr in users: user_bet = game_bets.filter(user=usr)[0] user_bets[i][usr.id]=user_bet data = {'game_titles', game_titles 'users', users, 'user_bets': user_bets} return render(request, 'bets.html', data)

You then want to define two template filters, which for ease can live in your views.py

@register.filter def index(List, i): return List[int(i)] @register.filter def entry_num_array(List): return range(len(List))

Then in your template

{% for bet in user_bets %} {{ game_titles|index:forloop.counter0}}: {% for counter in entry|entry_num_array %} {{entry|index:counter}}| {% endfor %} <br> {% endfor %}


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