jQuery: Adding class to the li element after the link is clicked, and deselecting all other classes


I am generating menu with such tags:

<div class="animatedtabs"> <ul> {% for item in menu_items %} <li><a href="{{ item.url }}" title="{{ item.name }}"><span>{{ item.name }}</span></a></li> {% endfor %} </ul> </div>

What I want to do, I want to add class="selected" to li, after the link is clicked, and to remove all other class="selected" on other li's...

Also I wonder, how to show menu in the way, so the first item is selected by default... But then when another linked is clicked, then class="selected" is toggled


There is a related question about navigation menus in Django: <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/340888/navigation-in-django" rel="nofollow">Navigation in django</a>

This answer has a good example of using a template tag for adding the classes to the li elements. <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/340888/navigation-in-django/477719#477719" rel="nofollow">Navigation in django</a>


$(function() { $('.animatedtabs ul a').click(function() { $('.animatedtabs ul a').removeClass('selected'); $(this).addClass('selected'); return false; }).filter(':first').click(); });

this make all you have asked real! ;-)


Like this:

$('.animatedtabs li a').click(function() { $('.animatedtabs li').removeClass('selected'); $(this).closest('li').addClass('selected'); //Do something return false; });


Just remove "selected" from the class string of <em>all</em> the <li> elements, and then add it to the one that's been clicked.

$('li.foo').click(function(li) { $('li').removeClass('selected'); $(this).addClass('selected'); });


I would say that an even more elegant method is as follows:

$(function() { // Make the first list item selected $('.animatedtabs li:first').addClass('selected'); // The first item is automatically deselected when another is clicked $('.animatedtabs li').click() { // Make the current li selected $(this).addClass('selected'); // Remove the selected class from any currently selected sibling items $(this).siblings('.selected').removeClass('selected'); return false; } });

I have used this method whilst recently creating a direct copy of the Mac OS finder window using just jQuery HTML and CSS for a project I am working on, and it works magically there.


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