MySQL error: “1030 - Got error -1 from storage engine”


I received the following message while working while working with a pre-existing existing database and adding some new tables Error Msg

#1030 - Got error -1 from storage engine


This usually means you've ran out of disk space. Check using df -h and delete any large log files or other files taking up a lot of space.

Failing that, check your memory usage.


This error is mainly due to the low memory which means that you don't have enough memory for allocating to your table or database.

Please have a look <a href="http://wiki.jumpbox.com/doc/runtime/faq/mysql_maintenance" rel="nofollow">here</a>.It would be helpful.


You will get this error if <strong>/etc/my.cnf</strong> you have <strong>innodb_force_recovery</strong> turned on. Comment out that option, restart the server and try the data import again.


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