Add validation constraints on mapped = false fields for a specific validation group


I'd like to be able to add in a Form class additional validation constraints for a specific validation group. How could I do that ?

Since Symfony 2.1, adding a validation while building the form looks like this :

use Symfony\Component\Validator\Constraints\MinLength; use Symfony\Component\Validator\Constraints\NotBlank; $builder ->add('firstName', 'text', array( 'constraints' => new MinLength(3), )) ->add('lastName', 'text', array( 'constraints' => array( new NotBlank(), new MinLength(3), ), )) ;

<a href="http://symfony.com/blog/form-goodness-in-symfony-2-1" rel="nofollow">sources</a>

Is there a way to assign them to a validation constraint ?

In my case, I have <a href="http://symfony.com/doc/2.2/book/forms.html#groups-based-on-submitted-data" rel="nofollow">validation groups depending on submitted data</a>

Thanks in advance for your suggestions


OK, well the solution was pretty straighforward actually.

Looking at the <a href="http://api.symfony.com/2.2/Symfony/Component/Validator/Constraint.html" rel="nofollow">Constraint</a> class, I noticed the exposed $groups property and addImplicitGroupName(string $group) method.

When you know that, you know all about it:

$cv1 = new NotBlank(); $cv1->groups = array('myGroup'); $cv2 = new NotNull(); $cv2->groups = array('myGroup'); $myCnstrs = array( 'constraints' => array( $cv1, $cv2, ) ); $myOtherOptions = array( ... ); $builder->add('myField', null, array_merge($myCnstrs,$myOtherOptions));

Sorry if I abused by posting a question and replying to it right after...


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