Register Multiple implementations of the same contract : one in Chilcontainer and one in the Parent


I am trying to register multiple implementations of the same interface like this :-

**DLL A: Module.cs** _container.RegisterType<IFoo, Foo1>("Foo1"); <hr />**DLL B: Module.cs** var childContainer = _container.CreateChildContainer(); //childcontainer childContainer.RegisterType<IFoo, Foo2>("Foo2"); <hr />**DLL A: Resolve IFoo for Foo2** (But, resolving IFoo for Foo1 is fine) var foo2 = container.Resolve<IFoo>("Foo2"); //Error

<em>Note: The container which I receive here is the "childcontainer". Have checked the hashcode.</em>



A first chance exception of type 'System.InvalidOperationException' occurred in Microsoft.Practices.Unity.dll

Additional information: The current type, IFoo, is an interface and cannot be constructed. Are you missing a type mapping?

</blockquote> <hr />

<strong>But</strong>, it works, if I do the registration of Foo2 in DLL A just after Foo1 i.e. like this :

_container.RegisterType<IFoo, Foo1>("Foo1"); _container.RegisterType<IFoo, Foo2>("Foo2");

Is Registration (Register) and Resolution (Resolve) dependent upon scope & assembly ? I want the 1st approach to work. Any idea ?


I tried the next example and is working for me. Just be carefull with assembly references and namespace includes.

**Dll A Public Interface Ifoo End Interface <hr />**Dll B Public Class Class1 Public Shared function registerOtherType(container AS IUnityContainer) As IUnityContainer Dim c As IUnityContainer = container.CreateChildContainer c.RegisterType(of Ifoo, foo2)("2") Return c End Function End Class Public Class foo2 Implements Ifoo End Class <hr />**Dll C Public Class foo Implements Ifoo End Class Sub Main() 'init() 'Dim manager As IClasificationManagement = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance(Of IClasificationManagement)() 'manager.SwapDescrition("1", "2") 'Console.WriteLine("Operacion Realizada") 'Console.Read() Dim container As IUnityContainer = New UnityContainer() container.RegisterType(Of Ifoo, foo )("1") dim child As IUnityContainer = Class1.registerOtherType(container) child.Resolve(of Ifoo)("2") End Sub


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