How to use grails tag session scope?


I am trying to use the g:set tag on my gsp. As long as I am in one page and the scope is default or page, it works fine. When I am trying to change the scope to session its not working.

My understanding is I should be able to access that variable not only on that page but also on others when the scope is session, however, I might be wrong.

In a brand new 2.0.3 application I have this script on my index.gsp body and it works as expected.

<g:set var="bar" value="${new Date() - 7}" scope="page" /> <div class="message" role="status">${bar}</div>

However if I change the scope to session it doesn't work,

<g:set var="bar" value="${new Date() - 7}" scope="session" /> <div class="message" role="status">${bar}</div>

neither on any other page.


Have you tried:

<div class="message" role="status">${session.bar}</div>

<a href="http://grails.org/doc/latest/guide/theWebLayer.html#variablesAndScopes" rel="nofollow">http://grails.org/doc/latest/guide/theWebLayer.html#variablesAndScopes</a>


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