syntax in expression - Haskell


Im new to Haskell!! I wrote this code:

import Data.List inputIndex :: [String] -> [String] -> Bool inputIndex listx input = and [x `elem` listx |x <- input] inputIndex = if inputIndex == true then putStrLn ("ok")

It works fine without the if statement but when I put the if statement the following error is shown:


Syntax error in expression (unexpected `}', possibly due to bad layout)


What am I doing wrong here?



A couple of things are wrong here:

<ul><li>You will <em>need</em> an else clause.</li> <li>True must be capitalized.</li> <li>inputIndex must always take two arguments (right now it does not, in the last case).</li> </ul>

I guess you want something like this...

inputIndex :: [String] -> [String] -> IO () inputIndex listx input = if inputIndex' listx input then putStrLn ("ok") else putStrLn ("not ok") where inputIndex' :: [String] -> [String] -> Bool inputIndex' listx input = and [x `elem` listx |x <- input]

(Here I defined a new function with a near-identical name, by appending a prime/apostrophe. By defining it in the where clause, it is only visible to the outer inputIndex function. You can call this a helper-function, if you will. I could also have chosen a completely different name, but I'm uncreative.)

You could also condense this to the following (which is also more general):

allPresent :: (Eq t) => [t] -> [t] -> IO () allPresent xs ys = putStrLn (if and [y `elem` xs | y <- ys] then "ok" else "not ok")


<ol><li>It's "True", not "true".</li> <li>Your second inputIndex implementation is not compatible with the first one. All your pattern cases for a function must have the same signature ([String] -> [String] -> Bool)</li> <li>The error you show here is not generated by this code, because there is no '}' here.</li> <li>putStrLn has signature String -> IO() while your inputIndex looks like it's supposed to be pure - just return the value and print it somewhere else.</li> </ol>


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