Accessing label from child control


I have a control Orders.ascx in this control I have a reference to another control Grid.ascx something like this:

In my Orders.ascx I have :

<asp:Label id="warnings" runat="server" /> <uc:Grids id="uxGrid" runat="server/>

Now in the grid ( Grids.ascx ) I have a drop down control that has the quantities with a event handler method for on index change, when a different quantity is chosen in a row, it posts back and updates the price depending on the quantity. I need for each time it posts back to add a message to the label warnings in Orders.ascx, but my problem is that this label is in the parent control. I tried using FindControl and it DOES find it and I can set the text but it never updates the warnings label.

How can I update that label text from the drop down's on index change control?. It seems that it doesnt inject everytime i select the quantity.


The simplest, cleanest way would be to use an event.


Create an event argument class, derived from EventArgs, that includes a property for the data you want to pass:

public class PriceChangeEventArgs: EventArgs { public decimal Price { get; set; } } </li> <li>

Set up an event in the UserControl:

public event EventHandler<PriceChangeEventArgs> PriceChanged; </li> <li>

Raise the event when capturing the change in the drop down list index:

protected void DropDownList1_SelectedIndexChanged(object source, EventArg e) { PriceChangeEventArgs args = new PriceChangeEventArgs(); args.Price = Convert.ToDecimal(DropDownList1.SelectedValue); PriceChanged(this, args); } </li> <li>

Handle the event in the parent control page or control:

UserControl1.PriceChanged += new EventHandler<MyEventArgs>(page_PriceChanged); protected void page_PriceChanged(object source, MyEventArgs e) { Label1.Text = e.Price.ToString("C"); } </li> </ol>

This way, you haven't tied your user control in to your page: you can still use the user control other places, and the page doesn't need to know how the user control works, other than that it raises an event.

ETA: Added an important step I omitted: <em>actually raising the event!</em>


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