What does


I am trying to understand a codebase where I see a line like below: socat /tmp/haproxy - <<< "show servers state" > /var/state/haproxy/global

What is socat doing here? What does <<< mean?


The socat command creates a bidirectional pipe between the file /tmp/haproxy and stdin which is expressed by passing - to socat.

In fact it appends stdin to /tmp/haproxy and writes the resulting output to /var/state/haproxy/global

<<< is a bash feature, a so called <a href="https://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/bashref.html#Here-Strings" rel="nofollow"><em>here string</em></a>. It passes the string "show server state" as stdin to socat.


A posix shell version would be:

echo "show servers state" | socat /tmp/haproxy - > /var/state/haproxy/global

<<< is a bashism to put a string on stdin


The man pages of the socat command and bash may help (Note that <<< is a bash feature)


man socat man bash # Type the following when the bash man page is open # it will point you right to the explanation of <<< /<<<


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