Edit svn:externals with git svn


Is it possible to set svn:externals property using git svn propset?

I have successfully used git svn propset to set the svn:eol property. However, for svn:externals I am unsure if/how it can be done because svn:externals is a multi-line property, and I'm not sure if/how multiple lines of the property value may be expressed on the command line.

For svn:externals, it would be ideal if the git svn propset command had an --edit option, which would allow the property to be edited in the text editor (similar to editing commit text or git config).

I'm using git version 2.11.1 on Windows.


If you are using Git Bash, just enclose the argument in question in quotes like

git svn propset svn:externals "foo bar" baz/bam


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