HTML selectbox List size count


Is it possible to control the selectbox dropdown size? Actually a property called <strong>SIZE</strong> is already there. But my requirement is, when I click that select box, options are populating, in that list can I control the size..


try this. I think this is what you are looking for.

<select name="select1" onmousedown="if(this.options.length>5){this.size=5;}" onchange="this.size=0;" onblur="this.size=0;" style="position: absolute"> <option>a</option> <option>b</option> <option>c</option> <option>d</option> <option>e</option> <option>f</option> <option>g</option> <option>h</option> <option>i</option> <option>j</option> <option>k</option> <option>l</option> </select>


using this you will be able to limit the size.

<select name="select" id="select" size="2" > <option>a</option> <option>b</option> <option>c</option> <option>d</option> <option>e</option> </select>


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