Argparse optional argument with different default if specified without a value


Consider three different runs of a program:

python3 prog.py python3 prog.py --x python3 prog.py --x 2

Is it possible to use argparse such that, for example, in the first case, x==None, in the second case, x==1, and in the third, x==2?


nargs'?' with a const parameter handles this 3-way input nicely..

In [2]: parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() In [3]: parser.add_argument('-x','--x', nargs='?', type=int, const=1) ... In [4]: parser.parse_args([]) Out[4]: Namespace(x=None) In [5]: parser.parse_args(['-x']) Out[5]: Namespace(x=1) In [6]: parser.parse_args(['-x','2']) Out[6]: Namespace(x=2)

I could have also given it a default parameter.

<a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44745588/how-to-add-multiple-argument-options-in-python-using-argparse" rel="nofollow">how to add multiple argument options in python using argparse?</a>


If you are happy to do a little post-processing, you can get it:

sentinel = object() parser.add_argument('--x', nargs='?', type=int, default=sentinel) args = parser.parse_args() if args.x is sentinel: args.x = None elif args.x is None: args.x = 1

However, it is bending the tool in a bit of a strange way. You may want to consider instead the <a href="https://docs.python.org/3/library/argparse.html#action" rel="nofollow">count</a> action, which is commonly used to specify verbosity levels, for example (-v, -vv, -vvv).


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