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In OOo Calc

I need to copy a column (only <strong>the values</strong>, not the format) from one sheet to another (in the same worksheet) using a macro assigned to a button.

I browsed a bit around but found nothing significant :-(


To answer the original question:

use a data array, which will be significally faster on large ranges of cells

Source = ThisWeek.getCellRangeByName("H12:H206") source_data = Source.getDataArray() Target = Steering.getCellRangeByName("M12:AU206").setDataArray(source_data())


OK, I could build the answer and started learning OOo Basic, which I managed to avoid until now ;-)

I give it as is.

Sub UpdateThisWeek Dim Doc As Object Dim ThisWeek As Object Dim Steering As Object Dim Source As Object Dim Target As Object Dim Week as Integer Doc = ThisComponent ThisWeek = Doc.Sheets.getByName("This week") Steering = Doc.Sheets.getByName("Steering") Week = Steering.getCellByPosition(6,4).Value Source = ThisWeek.getCellRangeByName("H12:H206") Target = Steering.getCellRangeByName("M12:AU206").getCellRangeByPosition(Week-19,0,Week-19,194) Dim i, s For i = 0 To 194 s = Source.getCellByPosition(0, i).Value If s > 0 Then Target.getCellByPosition(0, i).Value = s Else Target.getCellByPosition(0, i).String = "" End If Next i End Sub


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