Wrapping any SQL Server 2008 statement with skip/take operators


Given any SELECT statement, I would like to wrap it with skip and take operators.

For instance, for Oracle I created this function:

public override string WrapSelectSqlWithPagination(string sql, int skipRows, int numberOfRows) { string innerSql = String.Format("select /* FIRST_ROWS(n) */ a.*, ROWNUM rnum from ({0}) a where ROWNUM <= {1}", sql, skipRows + numberOfRows); return String.Format("select * from ({0}) where rnum > {1}", innerSql, skipRows); }

It works perfectly.

I would like to do the same thing for SQL Server, is it possible?

<strong>Mind that I don't know anything about sorting in advance.</strong>



You can use this sql template to get the desired range of records for SQL.

WITH [AnyVariable] AS ( select * ,ROW_NUMBER() over(order by [Col1]) AS 'RowNum' from [Table1] ) SELECT * FROM [AnyVariable] WHERE RowNum BETWEEN 3 AND 6

Just replace the things in [] with your stuff. Remember to remove the []. And then use this in your method above.


Ok, I got it. It's probably very slow but it works:

public override string WrapSelectSqlWithPagination(string sql, int skipRows, int numberOfRows) { Regex regex = new Regex("SELECT", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase); sql = regex.Replace(sql, "SELECT TOP 2147483647 ", 1); string innerSql = @"select * into #TempTable from ( select * ,ROW_NUMBER() over(order by aaa) AS rownum from ( select 'aaa' as aaa, * from ( {0} )as t1 )as t2 ) as t3 where rownum between {1} and {2} alter table #TempTable drop column aaa alter table #TempTable drop column rownum select * from #TempTable drop table #TempTable "; return String.Format(innerSql, sql, skipRows+1, skipRows + numberOfRows); }

Is there a better way to do this?


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