What is the basic principle of a core on framework?


right now, i have to create a framework. and need to understand more about the concept behind it. so, is there any documentation about how to build core of a framework ?

or at least, what is your approach when you have to create one ?

btw, what i mean with core, is, the skeleton. the part of framework that works as controller who control the controllers.

for example, my personal question : 1. How we create easy to maintain and customize configs ? 2. How we load a class that have dependency with another class ? 3. How we treat our models ? 4. etc ?

@edited : the framework is would be a framework for wordpress theme.

i'm sorry if the question is too broad. but any reference will be great.


K, I usually tend to champion the <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Not_Invented_Here" rel="nofollow">Not Invented Here</a> mentality, <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2948323/how-to-increase-my-advanced-knowledge-of-php-further-quickly/3000160#3000160" rel="nofollow">encouraging people to re-invent the wheel as a learning exercise</a>... but the way you've asked this question suggests to me that you've decided to build a framework <em>before deciding why you want or need that framework</em>.

What do you <em>want</em> this framework to do? Equally, what do you <em>not</em> want it to do?

Once you've made that decision, read up on some <a href="http://martinfowler.com/books.html#eaa" rel="nofollow">WebEA design patterns</a> and decide what combination of patterns best suits your goals.

Asking "How do you write the core of a framework?" is like asking "How do you structure literature?" in that there's no real answer without knowing if you're talking about a novel or a play or a poem.


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