Invalid client in aqueduct's db_and_auth/wildfire example


I am new to Aqueduct and I am facing a invalid client error whenever I try to make a request to the /auth/token or /auth/code route. I have already added the OAuth2.0 client and verified the secret is correct. My request to /auth/token looks like this:

Future main() async { var http2 = new http.Client(); var clientID = "com.wildfire.mobile"; var clientSecret = "myspecialsecret "; var body = "username=usr&password=pwd&grant_type=password"; var clientCredentials = new Base64Encoder().convert( "$clientID:$clientSecret".codeUnits); var response = await http.post( "http://localhost:8081/auth/token", headers: { "Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", "Authorization": "Basic $clientCredentials" }, body: body);

And when I try logging in in /auth/code with a username in the _user database the server throws a 400:invalid_client


It was indeed a misconfiguration issue. After deleting all my databases, I added a database.yaml file, which I thought was the same as the config.yaml but apparently is not. The database.yaml looks like this:

username: adan password: pass host: localhost port: 5432 databaseName: wildfire_db

while the config.yaml looks like this:

database: username: adan password: pass host: localhost port: 5432 databaseName: wildfire_db

I also ran the aqueduct auth and aqueduct db commands without the --connect flag, i.e. using the config files.


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