Applescript wrap lines with HTML tags and MarsEdit.app script problem


Im currently using a script in MarsEdit.app which has a flaw. It checks the HTML document for cases where paragraphs are wrapped with

tags as follows:

-- If already starts with

, don't prepend another one if not {oneParagraph starts with "

"} then set newBodyText to newBodyText & "

" end if set newBodyText to newBodyText & oneParagraph

The problem here is that if the paragraph (or single line) is wrapped with any other HTML tag other than a

tag the script wraps

tags across the board.

Another portion of the script, which checks for ending tags at the end of the paragraph does pretty much the same thing.

-- If already ends with

, don't append another one if not (oneParagraph ends with "

") then set newBodyText to newBodyText & "

" end if set newBodyText to newBodyText & return


<h5>Foobar </h5>


<h5>Foobar </h5>

In another question <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5925439/applescript-and-starts-with-operator" rel="nofollow">Applescript and "starts with" operator</a>, @lri was kind enough to provide me a solution related to it.

on startswith(txt, l) repeat with v in l if txt starts with v then return true end repeat false end startswith startswith("abc", {"a", "d", "e"}) -- true

and another of his recommendations can be found on this website as well <a href="http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/u/lranta/pastebin/wrap_lines_with_tag.applescript" rel="nofollow">Wrap lines with tags on applescript</a>

Implementing these recommendations with MarsEdit.app is another issue for me.

I uploaded the entire script on pastebin. <a href="http://pastebin.com/mS3wyYQX" rel="nofollow">Pastebin: MarsEdit.app, wrap line with

tags script

</a> If anyone can help me edit the script to @lri's recommendations that would be great. Thanks in advance.



tell application "MarsEdit" to set txt to current text of document 1 set paras to paragraphs of txt repeat with i from 1 to (count paras) set v to item i of paras ignoring white space if not (v is "" or v starts with "<") then set item i of paras to "

" & v & "

" end if end ignoring end repeat set text item delimiters to ASCII character 10 tell application "MarsEdit" to set current text of document 1 to paras as text
<hr />

<a href="http://appscript.sourceforge.net/rb-appscript/index.html" rel="nofollow">Ruby appscript</a>:

require 'appscript'; include Appscript doc = app('MarsEdit').documents[0] lines = doc.current_text.get.gsub(/\r\n?/, "\n").split("\n") for i in 0...lines.size next if lines[i] =~ /^\s*$/ or lines[i] =~ /^\s*</ lines[i] = "


" end doc.current_text.set(lines.join("\n"))
<hr />

These assume that anything starting with (white space and) < is a tag.


you could do this process using another stronger language by running shell commands in applescript

basiclly you can run anything that you would in a terminal window like this

lets assume you have a test.txt file on your desktop you could run this and it would wrap all the lines with p tag

set dir to quoted form of POSIX path of (path to desktop) set results to do shell script "cd " & dir & " awk ' { print \"


\" } ' test.txt"

and if you want to run a php file you just do

set dir to quoted form of POSIX path of 'path:to:php_folder") set results to do shell script "cd " & dir & " php test.php"


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