Typescript Invalid date with Ionic 3 simulator and Firefox


I have this function with MomentJs

CreateFormat(date: string, time: string): string { let now = moment(date + " " + time, "YYYY-MM-DD H:m:s z").toDate(); return moment(now, "YYYY-MM-DD H:m:s z").format("HH:mm"); }

I got this result : 7:39 pm i want to display it like this 19:39


I highly recommend using <a href="http://momentjs.com/docs/#/use-it/typescript/" rel="nofollow"><strong>momentJs</strong></a> with your Ionic 3 app.Then you won't have any browser specific errors like you have now.


npm install moment



import moment from 'moment'; let now = moment().format('LLLL');


moment("02:00 PM", "h:mm A").format("HH:mm") // "14:00"


You can do like this ` {{start_timestamp | date:'HH:mm a'}}


in ts file start_timestamp = 1500536460;

print like this in html <p class="timeLabel">{{start_timestamp | date:'YYYY-MM-DD H:m:s z'}}


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