apply function to two pandas dataframes in python (scipy.stats.spearmanr for each row from two dataf


I have two panda dataframe: price and sales dataframe.

price dataframe records price for each product (columns) in each year (index)

|a |b |c |d |e | 2018|3.2|4.5|5.6|7.8|8.1| 2017|6.2|1.5|2.6|7.8|2.1| 2016|2.2|9.5|0.6|6.8|4.1| 2015|2.2|6.5|7.6|7.8|2.1|

sales dataframe (see below) records sales for each product (columns) in each year (index)

|a |b |c |d |e | 2018|101|405|526|108|801| 2017|601|105|726|308|201| 2016|202|965|856|408|411| 2015|322|615|167|458|211|

I would like to calculate spearman correlation between price and sales for each year. I know scipy.stats.spearmanr function does the similar job, but I need to apply scipy.stats.spearmanr fucction for each row in the two dataframes.

For example, for 2018, i need to calculate the spearman correlation between

|a |b |c |d |e | 2018|3.2|4.5|5.6|7.8|8.1|


|a |b |c |d |e | 2018|101|405|526|108|801|

May I know what is the best to do that? The results i want a output like below:

2018|spearman cor btw price and sales in 2018 2017|spearman cor btw price and sales in 2017 2016|spearman cor btw price and sales in 2016


Guess you could do

import scipy.stats as st >>> pd.Series(map(lambda k: st.spearmanr(k[0], k[1])[0], zip(df.values, df2.values)), index=df.index) 2018 0.7 2017 0.6 2016 0.3 2015 0.2 dtype: float64


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