Is it safe to ignore these proguard notes for kotlin?


I don't understand why I'm getting these notes from proguard and if I've to do anything to address them.

<pre class="lang-none prettyprint-override">Note: kotlin.internal.PlatformImplementationsKt: can't find dynamically referenced class kotlin.internal.jdk8.JDK8PlatformImplementations Note: kotlin.internal.PlatformImplementationsKt: can't find dynamically referenced class kotlin.internal.JRE8PlatformImplementations Note: kotlin.internal.PlatformImplementationsKt: can't find dynamically referenced class kotlin.internal.JRE7PlatformImplementations Note: kotlin.jvm.internal.Reflection: can't find dynamically referenced class kotlin.reflect.jvm.internal.ReflectionFactoryImpl

Three of them are for kotlin.internal.PlatformImplementationKt and one for kotlin.jvm.internal.Reflection

<h2>My setup</h2> <pre class="lang-none prettyprint-override">kotlin: 1.2.71 Android Studio / gradle plugin: 3.2.0 gradle: 4.10.2


Yes it is safe, you should add those rules to your proguard-rules.pro configuration

# Kotlin -keep class kotlin.Metadata { *; } -dontnote kotlin.internal.PlatformImplementationsKt -dontnote kotlin.reflect.jvm.internal.**


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