Error Generating OpenAPI doc using the endpoint-framework-tools (unclear documentation)


(Intro)<br /> I am undergoing some tutorials on google cloud endpoint using the google documentation. I have managed to run my first API but i am having an error generating an OpenAPI document using the endpoint-framework-tools

(Question/Issue)<br /> Long story short, I am having an "unclear" error while trying to generate the OpenAPI document of my google cloud endpoint project. Official google docs <a href="https://cloud.google.com/endpoints/docs/frameworks/java/adding-api-management" rel="nofollow">(here)</a> states the below method to generate the file:

endpoints-framework-tools-2.0.0-beta.11/bin/endpoints-framework-tools\ get-openapi-doc \ --hostname=YOUR-PROJECT-ID.appspot.com \ --war=target/echo-1.0-SNAPSHOT \ com.example.echo.Echo

They do not specify what is "com.eample.echo.Echo". Trying to run the command by replacing com.example by my package path I am receiving the below confusing error.

Error: co.mydomain.eliokhattar.myapplication.backend.MyEndpoint

replacing the above package by any other package still gives the same error.

Can any one advise or provide a clear tutorial on how to use this endpoints-framework-tool?


I have figured out the issue, and it was related to the fact that i was not mentionning the -classpath parameter when invoking endpoint framework. The below command worked fine.

endpoints-framework-tools-2.0.0-beta.11/bin/endpoints-framework-tools \ get-openapi-doc \ --hostname=iccloudendpoint.appspot.com \ --war=/Users/eliokhattar/endpints-test/IcExteranlTutorialDemo/icSysBackend/src/main/webapp \ --classpath=/Users/eliokhattar/endpints-test/IcExteranlTutorialDemo/icSysBackend/build/classes/main/ co.mydomain.eliokhattar.myapplication.backend.MyEndpoint

On the other hand i am having a different unrelated error now.


You want the compiled application. You are pointing to your source code. Try something like "icSysBackend/build/exploded-app".

Also, you want the format of the class to be based on where it is in the package. Think "com.etc.etc.Class" not "com/etc/etc/Class".


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