How to configure custom MySQL NHibernate Batcher?


NHibernate with MySQL Dialect does not support Batching out of the box. I have found custom MySQL Batcher for NHibernate on nuget. Also, following is the github link:

<a href="https://github.com/Andorbal/NHibernate.MySQLBatcher" rel="nofollow">https://github.com/Andorbal/NHibernate.MySQLBatcher</a>

But I do not know how to inject/set this into my hibernate.cfg.xml configuration.

How to configure custom MySQL NHibernate Batcher?


The property you need to set is call "adonet.factory_class". Use any of the following:

<property name="adonet.factory_class">assembly-qualified-name</property>


configuration.SetProperty( Environment.BatchStrategy, typeof(MySqlClientBatchingBatcherFactory).AssemblyQualifiedName);

or as noted in the readme of the batcher itself (https://github.com/Andorbal/NHibernate.MySQLBatcher):

config.DataBaseIntegration(db => db.Batcher<MySqlClientBatchingBatcherFactory>());


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