double pointer to struct inside struct


How can i access to a duble pointer in a struct pointer?? with the code bellow, calling addBow() give me a Segmentation fault (core dumped) error

typedef struct { int size; tCity **cities; }tGraph; //para iniciar el grafo void initGraph(tGraph *graph, int size) { graph = (tGraph*)malloc(sizeof(tGraph)); graph->cities = (tCity**)malloc(sizeof(tCity*) * size); graph->size = size; } //agrega un arco entre ciudades void addBow(tGraph *graph, int id, tCity *city) { if ( graph->cities[id] == NULL ) { graph->cities[id] = city; } else { tCity *cur = graph->cities[id]; while ( getNext(cur) != NULL ) { cur = getNext(cur); } setNext(cur, city); } }

which is the correct syntax for graph->cities[id]??


SOLUTION: editing the initGraph solve the problem since the memory wasn't allocated

tGraph* initGraph(int size) { tGraph *graph = (tGraph*)malloc(sizeof(tGraph)); graph->cities = (tCity**)malloc(sizeof(tCity*) * size); graph->size = size; return graph; }


You should either have initGraph() take (**graph) or return the graph. Since the malloc address of graph is local to initGraph.

Something like:

void initGraph(tGraph **graph, int size) { tgraph *temp; temp = (tGraph*)malloc(sizeof(tGraph*)); temp->cities = (tCity**)malloc(sizeof(tCity*) * size); temp->size = size; *graph = temp; }


graph = (tGraph*)malloc(sizeof(tGraph*));

There is one of your problems... it should be graph = malloc(sizeof(tGraph));


Make initGraph () return a pointer to tGraph.

tGraph* initGraph(int size) { tGraph* graph; graph = malloc(sizeof(tGraph)); graph->cities = malloc(sizeof(tCity*) * size); graph->size = size; return graph; }


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