Check value exists in params array using ElasticSearch painless script


I am new to ElasticSearch. I am working on a project where I have to search listings which matches the input http://foo.bar/search?listing=123,456. I have built an array which key and value are the same and representing the listing ids. I have tried to run the following example but it failed near contains. The script is built for painless language. However, I always get the runtime error.

I cannot get this to work, what could I be doing wrong?

'function_score' => [ 'query' => $query, 'score_mode' => 'sum', 'functions' => [[ 'script_score' => [ 'script' => [ 'params' => ['listing' => [123 => 123, 456 => 456]], 'source' => "(params.listing.contains(doc['id'].value) ? Math.pow(3, 3) : 0)", ], ], ]], ],


You can make use of the below query. You can check the script part as how what you need has been implemented.

POST <your_index_name>/_search { "query": { "function_score": { "score_mode": "sum", "query": { "match_all": {} }, "functions": [ { "script_score": { "script": { "source": """ boolean allValues = false; for(int i=0; i<params.value.size(); i++){ if(doc['id'].value.contains(params.value.get(i))){ allValues = true; }else{ allValues = false; break; } } if(allValues){ return Math.pow(3,3) } else { return 0; } """, "params":{ "value": ["123","456"] } } } } ] } } }

What the query does is, it checks to see if all the values present in params i.e 123 & 456 is present in the id field, if it does, it would go ahead and calculate score accordingly.

Not that id field is a keyword when I tested the query at my end.

You can use the query accordingly in your php script. Let me know if this helps!


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