Allow stream operator on derived classes


I have an interface that boils down to

class interface { protected: virtual void write(std::string const &) = 0; };

And derived classes like

class derived : public interface { protected: void write(std::string const & buf) { std::cout << buf << std::endl; } };

In my application, these objects are passed around as smart pointers, i.e. std::shared_ptr<derived>. I hoped I could overload the << operator, but only for smart pointer of derivatives of my interface. I tried this:

class interface { /* ... */ private: template <typename Derived> friend typename std::enable_if< std::is_base_of<interface, Derived>::value, std::shared_ptr<Derived> >::type & operator<<(std::shared_ptr<Derived> & lhs, std::string const & rhs) { lhs->write(rhs); return lhs; } };

But when I try std::shared_ptr<derived> sp; sp << "test";, the compiler complains that virtual void derived::write(const string&) is protected within this context (this context is my friend function).

Is there a way to achieve this without redundantly writing a stream operator for every derived class?


Why not simply define your operator as:

friend std::shared_ptr<interface> &operator<<(std::shared_ptr<interface> & lhs, std::string const & rhs);

and pass your objects as std::shared_ptr<interface>?


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