Initialize database using kotlin in AsyncTask


In my doInBackground I declare and Initialize db, I got an error which say type mismatch. What should I put instead of putting this?

var dbHelper: MyDBHelper? = null dbHelper = MyDBHelper(this)

What should I put, There say Required: Context!

And this is my async task code, That Problem at dbHelper = MyDBHelper(this).

private class UpgradeDB(textView: TextView?) : AsyncTask<String, String, String>() { var innerTextView: TextView? = textView override fun onPreExecute() { innerTextView!!.visibility = View.VISIBLE } override fun doInBackground(vararg params: String): String? { val filename = "eBOSSInv_Upgrade.sql" val sdcard = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory() val file = File(sdcard, filename) if (!file.exists()) isCancelled try { var dbHelper: MyDBHelper? = null dbHelper = MyDBHelper(this) dbHelper!!.writableDatabase.use { db -> var intTotalLine = 0 var intLine = 1 BufferedReader(FileReader(file)).useLines { _ -> intTotalLine++ } BufferedReader(FileReader(file)).use { r -> r.lineSequence().forEach { if (it.isNotEmpty()) { db!!.execSQL(it) publishProgress(String.format("Updating %s/%s records", intLine, intTotalLine)) intLine++ } } } } } catch (e: Exception) { } return null } override fun onProgressUpdate(vararg text: String) { innerTextView!!.text = text[0] } override fun onPostExecute(result: String?) { innerTextView!!.text = "" } override fun onCancelled() { } }


You need to pass context into Async Task.


llUpdate.setOnClickListener { UpgradeDB(txtUpdate!!, getApplication()).execute("", "", "") }

Then in UpgradeDB, initialize the context.

private class UpgradeDB(textView: TextView?, context: Context) : AsyncTask<String, String, String>() { var innerTextView: TextView? = textView var mContext:Context? = context // initialize context }

And finally

dbHelper = MyDBHelper(mContext)


It depends where you try to create this object. Unless you do it in a class that extends Context (like Activity) it is not supposed to work. You can try such construct:

There are two ways you gan go:

The simpler way: Declare your AsyncTask as inner class inside tour activity and reference context using label. To declare class as inner you need to place it inside another class and add <em>inner</em> keyowrd:

class A { inner class B }

Now you can reference context from inside your async task like that:

dbHelper = DbHelper([ActivityName]@this)

Nevertheless, this is easy way to cause a memory leak, you can read more here: <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46273753/android-asynctask-memory-leaks" rel="nofollow">Android AsyncTask memory leaks</a>

The better way is to extract AsyncTask to another class and pass an application context to it, instead of Activity.


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