Lookback API _ProjectHierarchy not scoping down


Hi I am fetching the current userstories for a particular iteration using the following code

Ext.define('CustomApp', { extend: 'Rally.app.App', componentCls: 'app', launch:function(){ me = this; combo = window.parent.Ext4.ComponentQuery.query('rallyiterationcombobox')[0]; var iterationObjectID = combo.getRecord().data.ObjectID; var query1= { _ProjectHierarchy: me.getContext().getProject().ObjectID, Iteration : iterationObjectID , _TypeHierarchy:"HierarchicalRequirement"}; var fields = ["ObjectID","FormattedID","Name","Parent","Release","Tags","PlanEstimate","ScheduleState","_ValidFrom","_ValidTo"]; var hydrate = ["Tags","ScheduleState"]; var post = { find :query1, fields : fields, hydrate : hydrate, pagesize : 10000 }; var wsid = this.context.getWorkspace().ObjectID; var url = "https://rally1.rallydev.com/analytics/v2.0/service/rally/workspace/"+ wsid +"/artifact/snapshot/query.js"; console.log("snapshot url:",url); Ext.Ajax.request({ method: 'POST', url: url, jsonData : post, success: function(res) { res = JSON.parse(res.responseText); console.log("The final results are",res); }, failure: function(failure) { console.log("snapshot query failed!",failure); } });

The problem is that I could not get the user stories of the child projects when I specify the parent project in the query. For example if I have the hierarchy like this

Project 7890 User Story 55 User Story 56 Project 6543 User Story 57 Project 3456 User Story 777

Ideally If I query _ProjectHierarchy: 7890 I should be getting User Story 55,User Story 56,User Story 57,User Story 777 since the query retrieves the multiple work items of itself and its child projects,but here I am only able to get User Story 55,User Story 66(which are userstories of project 7890) but not User Story 57,User Story 777 since those are the User Stories of the child projects. I want to retrieve all User Stories of selected project and its child projects also(i.e scope down).


Check out the <a href="https://rally1.rallydev.com/analytics/doc" rel="nofollow">LBAPI Docs</a> for some good info on this, particularly the difference between _ProjectHierarchy and _ItemHierarchy/_TypeHierarchy.

In your situation, you should probably be using the _ItemHierarchy/_TypeHierarchy:

<strong>Work item hierarchy</strong>

The work item hierarchy traverses a Parent/Child relationship using the _ItemHierarchy field. So if you have this hierarchy:

Story 333 Story 444 Story 555 Story 666 Defect 777 Task 12 Task 13 Story 888 Story 999

The document for Story 666 would look like this:

{ ObjectID: 666, Parent: 555, _ItemHierarchy: [333, 444, 555, 666], ... }

To retrieve all Stories that descend from Story 333 (includes 333, 444, 555, 666, 888, and 999 but not Defect 777), you would include this clause in your query:

{ _ItemHierarchy: 333, _TypeHierarchy: “HierarchicalRequirement” }

<strong>Project hierarchy</strong>

The Project hierarchy is also represented as an array starting at a root Project for this Workspace. So if work item 777 is at the bottom of this Project hierarchy:

Project 7890 Project 6543 Project 3456 Work item 777

The document for work item 777 would look like this:

{ ObjectID: 777, Project: 3456, _ProjectHierarchy: [7890, 6543, 3456], ... }

To retrieve multiple work items that are in Project 7890 or any of its child projects, you would simply include this clause in your query:

_ProjectHierarchy: 7890


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