Format type of GPS data


While getting GPS data from a receiver I get it in this format 4119.03283,7203.39095. Does anybody know what kind of format that is? I just can't get my mind around what format this is like is it DMS, Decimal?


The format is called DM (Degrees and decimal minutes).


is 41° and 19.03283 minutes (the first two digits in latitude), same for

7203.39095: 72° 3.39095' (attention here: it should be 3 digits for longitude: so 07203.39095, check if you have 5 digits before comma, then the first 3 are degrees, else the first 2 are degrees. check further for missing leading zerors)

to convert to decimal degrees (format name DEG): 72 + 3.39095 / 60.0


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