Finding words with the same first character


I've made an array and now I'm trying to compare first symbols of two strings and if it's true to print that word. But I got a problem:


Incompatible types in assignmentof "int" to "char"[20]"


Here is the code:

for ( wordmas= 0; i < character; i++ ) { do { if (!strncmp(wordmas[i], character, 1) } puts (wordmas[i]); }

Maybe you guys could help me?


There are several issues with your code:

<ul><li>You do not need strncmp to compare the first character - all you need is a simple == or !=.</li> <li>Using a do without a while is a syntax error; you do not need a nested loop to solve your problem.</li> <li>character is used to limit the progress of i in the outer loop, and also to compare to the first character of a word in wordmas[i]. This is very likely a mistake.</li> <li>Assuming that wordmas is an array, assigning to wordmas in the loop header is wrong.</li> </ul>

The code to look for words that start in a specific character should look like this:

char wordmas[20][20]; ... // read 20 words into wordmas char ch = 'a'; // Look for all words that start in 'a' // Go through the 20 words in an array for (int i = 0 ; i != 20 ; i++) { // Compare the first characters if (wordmas[i][0] == ch) { ... // The word wordmas[i] starts in 'a' } }


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