ObjectFactory methods generated by jaxb


I am trying to make web services but there are two situations I am getting.

There are two types of xsd file 1st one is:

<xsd:element name="signupRequest"> <xsd:complexType> <xsd:sequence> <xsd:element name="name" type="xsd:string"/> <xsd:element name="email" type="xsd:string"/> </xsd:sequence> </xsd:complexType> </xsd:element <xsd:element name="signupResponse"> <xsd:complexType> <xsd:sequence> <xsd:element name="signup" type="tns:Signup"/> </xsd:sequence> </xsd:complexType> </xsd:element> <xsd:simpleType name="Signup"> <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string"> <xsd:enumeration value="Success"/> <xsd:enumeration value="DuplicateEmail"/> </xsd:restriction> </xsd:simpleType>

in that case jaxb generates signuprequest signupresponse and signup classes so i can easily make services for example in this case:

public Signup signupResponse(String name,String mobile);

but if I set signupresponse directly like this:

<xsd:element name="signupResponse"> <xsd:simpleType> <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string"> <xsd:enumeration value="Success"/> <xsd:enumeration value="DuplicateMail"/> </xsd:restriction> </xsd:simpleType> </xsd:element>

jaxb only generate sinuprequest class and do not generate signupresponse and signup classes instead it makes entry in ObjectFactory class like this

private final static QName _SignupResponse_QNAME = new QName("http://www.example.com", "signupResponse");

and method is:

@XmlElementDecl(namespace = "http://www.example.com", name = "signupResponse") public JAXBElement<String> createSignupResponse(String value) { return new JAXBElement<String>(_SignupResponse_QNAME, String.class, null, value);

so please guide me how to make services for these types of xsd architecture.


The element signupResponse is considered as simple type of String.class, for this reason you haven't a Class generates.

If you want generated the enumeration you should change the XSD

<xs:element name="signupResponse" type="signupResponse" /> <xs:simpleType name="signupResponse"> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:enumeration value="Success" /> <xs:enumeration value="DuplicateMail" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpleType>

in order to generate

@XmlType(name = "signupResponse") @XmlEnum public enum SignupResponse { @XmlEnumValue("Success") SUCCESS("Success"), @XmlEnumValue("DuplicateMail") DUPLICATE_MAIL("DuplicateMail"); private final String value; SignupResponse(String v) { value = v; } public String value() { return value; } public static SignupResponse fromValue(String v) { for (SignupResponse c: SignupResponse.values()) { if (c.value.equals(v)) { return c; } } throw new IllegalArgumentException(v); } }

and ObjectFactory

@XmlElementDecl(namespace = "http://www.example.com", name = "signupResponse") public JAXBElement<SignupResponse> createSignupResponse(SignupResponse value) { return new JAXBElement<SignupResponse>(_SignupResponse_QNAME, SignupResponse.class, null, value); }


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