Use Tomcat Library in Webapp project


I have a web application that uses the Tomcat library. I have not copied the jars from the Tomcat library into the web-inf/lib directory.

Now when I run an ant build / testNG class, it throws an error since the concerned jars are not present under the web-inf/lib directory.

Is there any way (configuration) that I can use the Tomcat library for the running the ant build / testNG classes.

Thanks in advance,



In the <a href="http://testng.org/doc/ant.html" rel="nofollow"><testng></a> task, just provide the tomcat libraries <a href="http://ant.apache.org/manual/using.html#path" rel="nofollow">as additional classpath elements</a>.

<TestNG> <classpath> <pathelement path="${classpath}"/> <pathelement location="path/to/tomcat/lib.jar"/> </classpath> </TestNG>


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