Phonegap fileTransfer.Download is not working on ios phonegap 3.0


I am developing an app with JQM and then using build.phonegap.com, i am building the app.

I have a feature to download the audio file from the server and then play it in the app.

it is working perfectly in android.

I tried all possibilities to make it work.

can some one help on this.

here is my complete file handling code

fileSystem.root.getDirectory("auidofiles", { create : true, exclusive : false }, function(dirEntry) { dirEntry.getFile(mp3_file, { create : false, exclusive : false }, function(fileEntry) { alert("File Already downloaded"); if (device.platform == "Android") { FILEPATH = fileEntry.fullPath; //FILEPATH = fileEntry.toURI(); playAudio(); } else { var filePathLocal1 = getPhoneGapPath() + "auidofiles/" + mp3_file; //var filePathLocal = fileSystem.root.toURL() + "auidofiles/" + mp3_file; //alert("Ios File Path:" + filePathLocal); //FILEPATH = filePathLocal; //FILEPATH = fileEntry.fullPath; //FILEPATH = fileEntry.toURI(); playAudio(); } }, function(fileFail) { alert("File Not found"); var ft = new FileTransfer(); ft.onprogress = function(progressEvent) { if (progressEvent.lengthComputable) { var perc = Math.floor(progressEvent.loaded / progressEvent.total * 100); $('#downloadStatus').html(perc + "% loaded..."); } else { if ($('#downloadStatus').html() == "") { $('#downloadStatus').html("Loading"); } else { $('#downloadStatus').html( $('#downloadStatus').html() + "."); } } }; //ft.Progress var filePathLocal = fileSystem.root.toURL() + "auidofiles/" + mp3_file; ft.download(audioStreamUrl, filePathLocal, function(entry) { //alert("File = " + entry.toURI()); if (device.platform == "Android") { FILEPATH = entry.fullPath; //FILEPATH = entry.toURI(); playAudio(); } else { var filePathLocal1 = getPhoneGapPath() + "auidofiles/" + mp3_file; //alert("Ios File Path:" + filePathLocal); FILEPATH = filePathLocal; //FILEPATH = entry.fullPath; //FILEPATH = entry.toURI(); playAudio(); } }, function(error) { $('#downloadStatus').html( "download error source " + error.source); $('#downloadStatus').html( "download error target " + error.target); $('#downloadStatus').html("upload error code" + error.code); }); //ft.Download }); //getFile End }, function(dirfail) { alert("dirfail"); alert(JSON.stringify(dirfail)) $('#downloadStatus').html(JSON.stringify(dirfail)); }) function getPhoneGapPath() { var path = window.location.pathname; path = path.substr( 0, path.length - 10 ); return 'file://' + path;



There is a new requirement to use .toURL() instead of .fullPath

This fixes the majority of these type of problems - however I have experienced a similar problem using older versions of the iOS (5.x) where filetransfer.download never fires success/fail/progress events even though it does actually download the file. I then get an app crash when I try to restart the app...


I had the same issue and fixed it with <strong>downgrading the Cordova Plugin FileTransfer from v0.4.2 to v0.3.3 while using Phonegap/Cordova v3.3</strong>.


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