Stripe payment with php


I am developing a website that is front end made with angularjs and backend with laravel. I want to integrate stripe payment. I am facing difficulty to add a angularjs api to laravel for stripe payment. So, I am trying to solve it with only procedural php. here is my code.

<?php require_once('/stripe-php/lib/Stripe.php'); require_once('/stripe-php/lib/Charge.php'); Stripe::setApiKey('my-secret-key'); $charge = Charge::create(array('amount' => 2000, 'currency' => 'usd', 'source' => $token )); if ($charge) { echo "Payment successcul"; } else { echo "Not success"; } ?>

I can get the token. But the payment is not processing and I see a blank page.


<strong>Follow this step to stripe payment.</strong> 1. download stripe folder from <a href="https://stripe.com/docs/libraries#php" rel="nofollow">https://stripe.com/docs/libraries#php</a> 2. Include the folder in your www folder in your project. 3. Make new PHP file and put this code into file.

<?php { require_once "./Stripe-php/init.php"; //include your stripe folder function __construct() { // put your keys here \Stripe\Stripe::setApiKey("Secret-Key"); } //put your code into function. $token = $_POST['stripeToken']; // Token ID $charge = \Stripe\Charge::create([ 'amount' => $20 * 100, 'currency' => 'usd', 'description' => 'Message', 'source' => $token, ]); if($charge['status'] == "succeeded"){ // if success $status=1; $post['charge_id']=$charge['id']; $post['amount']=$charge['amount']; $post['funding']=$charge['source']['funding']; $post['holder_name']=$charge['source']['name']; $post['brand']=$charge['source']['brand']; $Message="Payment Success"; } else{ $status=2; // failed $post=null; $Message="Payment Failed"; } $data["status"] = ($status > 1) ? FAILED : SUCCESS; $data["message"]=$Message; $data["PaymentData"]=$post; return $data; // JSON Returen } ?>


Include <a href="https://stripe.com/docs/api#error_handling" rel="nofollow">Stripes error handling</a> in the page itself.

try { // Use Stripe's library to make requests... } catch(\Stripe\Error\Card $e) { // Since it's a decline, \Stripe\Error\Card will be caught $body = $e->getJsonBody(); $err = $body['error']; print('Status is:' . $e->getHttpStatus() . "\n"); print('Type is:' . $err['type'] . "\n"); print('Code is:' . $err['code'] . "\n"); // param is '' in this case print('Param is:' . $err['param'] . "\n"); print('Message is:' . $err['message'] . "\n"); } catch (\Stripe\Error\RateLimit $e) { // Too many requests made to the API too quickly } catch (\Stripe\Error\InvalidRequest $e) { // Invalid parameters were supplied to Stripe's API } catch (\Stripe\Error\Authentication $e) { // Authentication with Stripe's API failed // (maybe you changed API keys recently) } catch (\Stripe\Error\ApiConnection $e) { // Network communication with Stripe failed } catch (\Stripe\Error\Base $e) { // Display a very generic error to the user, and maybe send // yourself an email } catch (Exception $e) { // Something else happened, completely unrelated to Stripe }


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