'; var session_value = '%=Session["Test"]%>'; alert(session_value);its giving "%=Session[" name="description" /> '; var session_value = '%=Session["Test"]%>'; alert(session_value);its giving "%=Session[" />

How to create session variable and retrieve in JavaScript MVC3


I want to create a variable Session in JavaScript and Retrieve it in same JavaScript

My Code

'<%Session["Test"] = "Welcome DS";%>'; var session_value = '<%=Session["Test"]%>'; alert(session_value);

its giving "<%=Session["Test"]%>" alert result, Its not giving Session values


You are using a wrong syntax that is for another version of razor. You can change it to:


Notice the use of the @ sign. You can <a href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/vs2010trainingcourse_aspnetmvc3razor.aspx" rel="nofollow">refer to this page</a> for the proper syntax.


ASP.NET thinks what you write is a plain string. Removing the quotation marks should do the trick if we're talking about an .aspx file.

<%Session["Test"] = "Welcome DS";%> var session_value = <%=Session["Test"]%>;


If you really need your session variable only in Javascript why donøt you use a client side Session variable?

for example the html5 <a href="https://code.google.com/p/sessionstorage/" rel="nofollow">sessionStorage</a>

You can set it like this:

sessionStorage.myVariable = "myvalue";

and read it like this:

var x = sessionStorage.myVariable


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