create Composite-keyed Table with cassandra-cli


i want to use php for my project with phpcassa which doesn't support cql, so if I understood right I have to code cassandra commands like I would with cassandra-cli.


My question is how can I create a Composite-keyed Table or Dynamic Column Families like in this <a href="http://rollerweblogger.org/roller/entry/composite_keys_in_cassandra" rel="nofollow">website</a>, though not with cql but with cassandra-cli and where can I find more information about this language.



create column family myColumnFamily with key_validation_class = 'CompositeType(UUIDType,UTF8Type)' and comparator = 'CompositeType(LongType,UTF8Type)' and default_validation_class = UTF8Type

The above command creates

<ol><li>A column family named <em>myColumnFamily</em></li> <li>With composite row key of type <strong>UUID:String</strong></li> <li>With composite column name of type <strong>Long:String</strong></li> <li>With value of type <strong>String</strong></li> </ol>


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